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One of the biggest problems facing stroke survivors is not having the right information.  Not knowing what to expect or what can help you have a better stroke recovery.

We want to solve this.  So we teamed up with some of the world's leading experts on stroke recovery.  We found leaders in their field who use the newest research and cutting edge information to help stroke survivors have the best stroke recoveries possible.

They gave us the information most stroke survivors need to know but don't know.  The information that you don't find out easily yet can really help improve your stroke recovery.

We found out:

  • 4 ways to get speech recovery happening faster
  • 4 ways for getting rid of depression after stroke
  • 3 ways to regain strength and movement again... Even if nothing else has worked
  • How to find motivation in your own stroke recovery or help your loved one find motivation in theirs
  • The one mistake many people make which means they will never walk unaided again... and how it can be easily fixed
  • 3 different ways to improve memory after stroke
  • 4 approaches for having more energy after a stroke
  • Finally! What to do if your therapist says you've reached a plateau
  • How to deal with behavioral problems and mood swings
  • How to get more out of therapy regardless of your health fund
  • AMAZING! Discover 2 simple ways to instantly reduce joint pain
  • How to beat claw hand and other difficulties
  • How to establish communication if your survivor doesn't understand speech
  • 3 expert tips for preventing future strokes
  • How to help your loved one if they've had a stroke
  • How to improve concentration after stroke
  • What to do if a doctor or therapist says "that's as far as you'll go"
  • The secret weapon that helps recovery happen much faster... and starts the ball rolling if nothing else has worked
  • Easy things anyone can do to improve their stroke recovery (and I do mean anyone)
  • Have you been looking for this for ages? 2 ways to beat limb stiffness
  • SHOCK!  The common mistake that stops speech recovery... and what to do if you've been doing it
  • Common medications you're probably taking that stop stroke recovery
  • Your secret weapon for overcoming dizziness and vertigo
  • REVEALED! The hidden truth behind how fast you can recover after stroke
  • Important!  How to stop caregiver burnout
  • What can be done for swallowing and coughing problems
  • A quick answer for spasticity and muscle weakness
  • How recovery after stroke is not limited to the first few months or even years
  • How to get the most out of stroke therapies
  • The hidden key to stroke recovery... (it's something most people have instant access to)
  • How to stay alert and keep your mind active
  • How one stroke survivor overcame two strokes and is back at work and fully recovered
  • Easy and practical tips to skyrocket your stroke recovery
  • Ways to get better control, movement and coordination
  • An award winning technique that is changing the lives of thousands of stroke survivors around the world
  • Tools for people with limited or no speech after stroke
  • Essential stroke prevention tips you probably don't know
  • A simple tool to boost your brain's relearning power
  • The one key most stroke therapies miss... but is so important for your stroke recovery

Getting this information face to face would cost greatly in time and consultation fees.  And, unless you live right near some of the experts, and can see them personally, you simply don't get access to this information.

However we can now make this information available through our website.  

The interviews are available in mp3 format (an audio file), and can be downloaded to your computer immediately. 

We have packaged all 6 together for the cost of one, so you get the benefit of all 6 experts to help you in your or your loved one's stroke recovery.

You can use Paypal or your Credit/Debit Card to purchase the interviews.  To pay with a credit card, click on the "Buy Now" button and you will come to a page with PayPal sign in information.  On the right hand side, part way down the page, you will find a heading that says "Pay with Credit Card" or "Don't Have a PayPal Account".

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